Start a Government in Exile This Summer?

Two current controversies combine to suggest . . . a summer vacation idea! The Pacific Research Institute’s indefatigable leader Sally Pipes speculated some time ago that if the government continues to wreck health care with regulation and mandates, perhaps the answer would be offshore health clinics and hospitals—not like “offshore” banks in the Caymans or something, but offshore on ships, beyond the territorial boundaries of the United States, therefore making them more convenient to population centers as well as free from Obamacare mandates.

Then, too, if higher education continues its slow self-destruction at the hands of the ruling nihilists, perhaps real education will have to go offshore, too.

Well, why not become an early adopter for this model (well, not the health clinic part), and join moi on the Pacific Research Institute’s first ever Liberty-At-Sea cruise in the Baltics this August, from the 16th to the 23rd. Other speakers/partiers on the trip will include the aforementioned Ms. Pipes, columnist to the world Jonah Goldberg, Coolidge biographer and FDR scourge Amity Shlaes, Claremont Review editor Charles Kesler, and more.

We’ll be departing from Copenhagen, where I’ll do a madcap recap of the collapse of the UN’s 2009 climate summit there, and en route Amity Shlaes and I have cooked up a debate topic for an evening saloon misadventure: “Who was the greater president: Coolidge or Reagan?” Yes, I know, this sounds like arguing over which Himalayan peak is taller or harder to climb—Everest or K2? But that will be part of the charm of it.

As an added bonus, I’ll figure out some way to do some Power Line reader posts during the cruise, though if you’ve ever done internet on a cruise ship, you’ll know they still send data packets by carrier pigeon and smoke signal. But I’m sure Putin will have this fixed by the time we dock in St. Petersburg. And about that Reset Button. . .

Anyway, click on the link above for further details.  Who knows: we might just start our own government-in-exile.  For certain we’ll handicap the 2016 election cycle.


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