Start the Hillary Countdown Clock

When is someone prominent in the Democratic Party going to have a public “emperor’s new clothes” moment with regard to Hillary Clinton’s putative presidential candidacy, and point out that there’s no there there?

Forget her dissimulations yesterday. There was a deeply weird aspect of her brief press conference that has received very little notice. Start the video below of her three-minute opening statement (go ahead and quit after 20 seconds if you can’t stand to listen to her—20 seconds will be enough to grasp the problem).

Notice how she looks above the heads of the audience with her side glances, and never appears to make eye contact with anyone.  She almost never looks toward the people directly in front of her.  This is deeply strange behavior. I’ll leave it to abody language expert or a psychiatrist to tell us whether this is a less than subtle indication that she’s lying. But it is simply catastrophic for a political figure who needs to connect with people. At least Nixon could look you in the eye.

I figure Democratic Party insiders are in a state of panic right now.


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