The repulsive Madam Hillary

The Ramirez editorial cartoon posted here by John inspired reader Jason Bays to create the GIF below. It sums up the case of Madam Hillary quite nicely.


The furor over Clinton’s emails erupted following the publication of Michael Schmidt’s New York Times story on March 3. With a week to think about what tales she would tell to make the story go away, Clinton came up with a routine that (to borrow Michael Barone’s verdict) didn’t pass the laugh test.

For the record, I’m posting the video of Clinton’s 20-minute press conference below. I’m not suggesting that you watch it. If you have a morbid fascination for the packaging of patently ludicrous falsehoods, you may find it some kind of a classic.

Madam Hillary purports to have found her email set up “convenient” because it spared her the burden of carrying two mobile devices. I think this may be where Michael Barone started laughing. Michael Graham comments: “[E]ven I can send emails via different accounts on my iPhone. ‘I needed separate devices for separate email accounts’ is as ludicrous as ‘I had two forks because I was eating surf and turf.’”

Oh, and then there is this. The New York Post puts it this way: “The Clintons can’t agree if they emailed.”

Clinton appeared for the press conference in a controlled environment that allowed no follow-up questions. She relied on a prepared script for her statement and turned back to it for answers to the obvious questions. And yet nothing she said can withstand a moment’s thought or scrutiny.

She was angry to have to speak to the subject and angry to have to answer questions about it. It’s her turn to move on up. Don’t think you can cut in front of her with questions that bear on her fitness for the office for which she lusts. “What difference,” etc., represents a train of thought that covers a lot of territory in the land of the Clinton scandal.

When it comes to a repeat of the Age of Clinton, let us take Madam Hillary’s directive as our motto: “It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again[.]”

In the press conference I hear Madam Hillary’s unstated belief in her ability to put this over on us: “You are so stupid.” Politico editor John Harris [!] takes away a concise variant that will do too: “Go to hell.”


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