The Week in Pictures: Bibi Gun Edition

On Thursday it was announced that President Obama started wearing a fancy Fitbit on his right wrist—the kind that tracks everything including your heartbeat rate, sleeping, probably blood pressure, as well as playing tunes if your smart phone is nearby.  (And if Obama does have a smart phone, it would be the only smart thing in the White House.)  I’m guessing the White House physician ordered the Fitbit as a precaution after the results of the Israeli election—which should perhaps be regarded as the last race of the 2014 midterms—came in on Tuesday.  (Has anyone checked on the whereabouts of Krugman’s cat, incidentally?)

Bibi Gun copy

Netanyahu copy


Fossil Fuels Protester copy

Mandatory Voting copy

Hillary Madness copy

GOP Bracket copy

Clinton Accountability copy

Hillary Baggage copy Planet Hillary copy Don't Let Bill copy Lovely Pansuit copy Hillary Jumpsuit copy

Hillary Oil Paint  copy

Liberals Jobs copy

See Other Men copy Best rFriends copy German Sex harassment copy Riverdance copy

Irish Text Message copy Bacon Salad copy Freedom Bacon copy Cubs Shirt copy Cubs Parade copy

For our Australian friends. . .

For our Australian friends. . .

Tsunami Plan copyAnd finally. . .



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