The Week in Pictures: E-Mail Edition

So, this week we figured out who will be the Democratic Party ticket in 2016: Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner.  They’re the perfect running mates, given their email proclivities. But Hillary may be jealous of Lerner, since Lerner appears to have even better email stonewalling skills than the Clintons.  Prediction: if they ever get their hands on Hillary’s personal email server, they’ll find some old Rose Law Firm records and cattle futures trading slips.

Hillary email copy

Hillary email 2 copy

Hillary Baggage copy

Clinton underwear copy Running from Hillary copy Clinton Machine copy

What do you mean I have to turn over my emails?

What do you mean I have to turn over my emails?

Never forget.

Keep your country copy

Bibi Kicks Ass copy Nut and Yahoo copy Obama Deal copy

Obama's ME Policy copy

New Tablet copy

No Islamism copy

Obama Kool Aid copy

ISIS wd be WASAWS copy

Ned Flanders copy Low Flying Aircraft copy Ninja Exit copy Top Gear copy Norris Force copy

Ford Plane crsash copy Flyinv Solo copy

Sharknado on LSD?

Sharknado on LSD?

Whom copy

And finally. . .

Texas Tan Line copy


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