The Week in Starbucks

As John noted yesterday, without question the most obnoxious story of the week was Starbucks proposing to have its baristas engage customers in a “conversation” about race, even though all such “conversations” amount to “agree with us or shut up.” I suspect underneath this is confirmation of my thesis that most majors in ethnic & gender studies find that Starbucks is their best employment opportunity with said degrees, so why not.  Glenn Reynolds suggests we take them up on it, but do so at the drive-through window at peak rush hour times with a long line of cars behind us.

Meanwhile, a Facebook pal in Colorado sends this note:

If you take the total population of the zip codes in Denver where Starbucks are located (using the locator), those populations are about 6.0% black. According to the 2013 American Community Survey, Denver as a whole is 22.4% black.

Racists!  Can’t we all just get a latte?  Only one thing to do: pictures and memes—let the mockery begin!

Guns and Coffee copy

Now THIS is more like it.

Starbucks copy Sharpton Starbucks copy Blak and white cookie copy

Starbucks3 copy