Vegans for Global Warming?

The climatistas have figured out how they’re going to win the climate change crusade: they’re going to mobilize Whole Foods customers and rile up foodies everywhere!

From the Daily Mail:

Climate Change Will Make Food TASTE Bad

For those hoping global warming will bring more opportunities for a summer barbecue, there may be disappointment ahead – climate change is likely to make steaks and burgers far less appetising.

In a major report on the impact of global warming on food, scientists have concluded that the quality of many meats and vegetables is due to decline as temperatures increase.

The researchers predict that as heatwaves become more common, steaks and other meats are likely to become stringier and tougher – putting the traditional barbecue at risk.

But wait—I thought we were supposed to eat less meat anyway? I see an unusual coalition forming: Vegans for Global Warming! This must be the secret reason why the Koch brothers are vegans.* ExxonMobil should go vegan, too.

*I have no idea if the Koch brothers are vegans. I rather doubt it. In fact, among the holdings of Koch Industries is a cattle company. But if spreading the rumor they are going vegan will increase the paranoia of the climatistas, it’s a win all around.


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