Who can’t find Iran on a map?

The left has a new talking point — actually a taunt — regarding Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran. In unison, the left is tweeting that the Senator, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, couldn’t find Iran on a map.

Accusing a political adversary of being a yokel — that’s just the kind of insightful analysis we can count on from the left.

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen joined the chorus with this tweet: “Outrageous behavior from Republican senators who can’t find Iran on a map.”

But Bridget Johnson points out that it’s actually the New York Times that can’t locate Iran. Just yesterday, the Times offered this correction:

An earlier version of a map with this article mislabeled the country where the Islamic State has been destroying antiquities. It is Iraq, not Iran.

If there are yokels in this matter, they are to be found at the New York Times, not in the U.S. Senate.


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