You Can’t Beat the News Beat

EPSON MFP imageThis is my favorite news headline so far this year.  I’m not sure what’s more mordantly funny—that the New York Times would run such a deadpan headline, or that the story itself might actually be true and accurate.  Good to know that the CIA is on top of adapting to modern threats.  Just in the nick of time. I suspect by now they’ve finally “connected all the dots” on the 9/11 Al Qaeda Roadside Bomb Diner paper placemat puzzle.  After all, it took them almost 10 years to put the Weekly Standard‘s Steve Hayes on the DHS terrorist watch list, when from his early and persistent criticisms of our intelligence community it should have only taken 15 minutes.

What’s next? “I.R.S. to Be Overhauled to Collect Taxes”?  “Pentagon to Be Overhauled to Fight Climate Change”?  Oh, wait—this actually seems to be happening.

But if you’re a news watcher, especially a liberal, then this news has to really chap your chinos:

Poll: Fox News Most Trusted Network

Fox News has the most trusted network and cable news coverage in the United States, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. But network TV is much less trustworthy than it was in the days of Walter Cronkite, American voters say.

In comparison rankings, 29 percent responded that they trust Fox News the most. CNN follows with 22 percent, CBS News and NBC News are at 10 percent, ABC News at 8 percent and MSNBC at 7 percent. . .

Asked whether they trust the journalistic coverage of each network, 20 percent said they do “a great deal” for Fox, and 35 percent said “somewhat.”

Comparing today’s programming with the heyday of network news, only 7 percent of those surveyed think the information presented now is more trustworthy, with 48 percent responding that it is less so and 35 percent answering that it is about the same.

Heh.  Now I understand the long faces over at MediaMutters.


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