Al Shabaab Murders 147 Christian Students in Kenya

Four Muslim gunmen apparently associated with the terrorist group al Shabaab stormed Garissa University in Kenya this morning, murdering 147 Christians. At least 79 more were injured. Some reports indicate that some of the Christians were beheaded. Garissa University is 120 miles from Kenya’s border with Somalia, which is considered to be al Shabaab’s home base.

Collins Wetangula, the vice chairman of the student union, said he was preparing to take a shower when he heard gunshots coming from a dorm.

“All I could hear were footsteps and gunshots; nobody was screaming because they thought this would lead the gunmen to know where they are,” he said.

“The gunmen were saying sisi ni al-Shabab (Swahili for we are al-Shabab).

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot.

“With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die.”

Odd. Apparently no one told them terrorism is un-Islamic.

The terrorists took a large number of Christians hostage, and ultimately detonated their suicide belts when, after a number of hours, Kenyan troops closed in on them.

One of the freed Christian hostages

One of the freed Christian hostages

No word yet on the terrorists’ position on gay wedding cakes.


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