Deep Behind Enemy Lines Again

While John was off visiting his home town in South Dakota, an inter-dimensional crossrip in the space-time continuum found me today, April 20th—better known to potheads as 420—back in Boulder:

Boulder 1However, there was no second-hand smoke of any kind (no 420 on 4/20!), because the university has cracked down on the large smoke-ins of previous years, with the simple expedient of police tape—plus a whole lot of police on hand in case anyone didn’t get the memo.

Boulder 2

So lots of mellows were harshed today.

But this is only a warmup.  For any Power Line readers in the Bay Area, next Monday evening, April 27, I’ll be speaking at . . . Berkeley.*  I’ll be part of a panel sponsored by Berkeley’s Institute of Government Affairs’ “Annual Review of the Presidency.”  The topic of this year’s review is: “Obama Unleashed? Or Obama Rejected?: The President in his Second Term.”  What, oh what, could I possibly have to say?  Well come and find out if you are nearby and are willing to brave Berkeley’s scarce parking, not to mention the grad students.  The event goes off at 7:30 pm in the Banatao Auditorium in Sutardja Dai Hall.  I don’t know where that it either, but I’ll find it on a map.

*(Not to worry; John Yoo is going to take me out for drinks afterward to restore the tissues.)


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