Fanfare for the Factual Feminist

Kudos to our friend Christina Hoff Sommers, whose “Factual Feminist” video series has cracked 2 million views, and garnered a positive profile in The Telegraph newspaper:

The 64-year-old academic is the star of hit YouTube series The Factual Feminist, which doesn’t just stick up for men, but also calls-out the sisterhood on false stats, cruel comments and double-standards. You know, the stuff that alienates men from the gender equality debate in the first place.

Since it began a year ago, the channel has racked up millions of views across the globe – and rugby-tackled some heavy-duty issues along the way, too, including the wage gap myth, ‘GamerGate’ and recent Rolling Stone debacle.

Fans will already know Sommers from her two ‘meninist’ books, which she released back in the nineties and noughties (The War Against Boys explains why the school system is allowing young men to fail, whilst her other offering, Who Stole Feminism?, looks at fact rather than distorted folklore).

Here’s her latest Factual Feminist, on why “it’s time to pull the trigger on ‘trigger warnings’”: