Fred Siegel Explains It All, Part 4

In his latest book Revolt Against the Masses, Fred Siegel offers a novel explanation for the roots and character of modern liberalism—one that differs substantially from my own in many ways.  On page 28 of the book he says, “Modern liberalism was born of a discontinuity, a rejection of Progressivism.”  In this installment of our conversation, Fred explains some key parts of his argument here, and he makes a good case that we’ve overlooked liberal intellectual developments of the 1920s, which he thinks set the stage for the “New Left” of the 1960s—in other words, the so-called “New Left” was really a Very Old Left.  (Nota bene: The paperback edition of Revolt Against the Masseswhich includes some new material, comes out on Tuesday.)

This installment is just under 8 minutes: