Hillary4U&Me Vs. Nixon Now

Even after a very late plane flight home from the east coast last night I sprang out of bed early this morning in eager anticipation of Madam Hillary’s social media announcement of her candidacy, only to find that, once again, a Clinton was going to show up late.  The announcement, said cable news, was being delayed a few hours. Does Hillary not know that the last day of the Masters is on?  Perhaps this is on purpose, since golf at Augusta is one of the clearest badges of the 1 percent, and Tiger Woods is out of the running.

In any case, somehow I missed this pro-Hillary songfest from the 2008 campaign cycle, but I sure hope they use it again, because I think it will go down in history alongside “Nixon Now” from 1972, included right below.  The Nixon song wins because it is a more persistent earworm.


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