In Defense of Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch has been a disaster in many ways, as we discuss in the podcast that will be posted shortly. But on one point, I agree with her: tipping at Chipotle. Hillary has taken abuse for not leaving anything in the tip jar next to the cash register at the fast food restaurant. Nonsense, I say.

I tip people who serve me–waiters and waitresses, hotel employees who carry my bags, valet parkers who retrieve my car. I don’t tip cashiers in stores, people who work in the kitchen, the mechanics who change the oil in my car, and so on. I assume their salaries are covered by the prices I pay for goods and services. What, it isn’t enough that I pay a couple of bucks for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, I’m supposed to put more in a tip jar? Forget it.

Just this once, Hillary is right. Tipping is a plague. I would like to see less of it (like they have in Japan, for example), not more.