The Climatistas Are Quaking

For the latest example of climate change fanaticism, look no further than Newsweek yesterday (how is Newsweek still a thing at all?), where we are solemnly told that . . . wait for it now . . . climate change caused the Nepal earthquake:

“This effect could certainly have made the Nepal earthquake come sooner,” says Professor Roland Burgmann, of the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley. . .

University College of London’s Professor Bill McGuire has few doubts that recently discovered effects like this warn of catastrophe. In a recent book, Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes, he ponders the effects of the 100m rise of sea-levels that’s threatened should all the remaining ice on the planet melt.

The articles does go on to point out that no one is predicting a 100-meter sea level rise—at least not on this planet.  But I’m sure if we just ratify the Kyoto Protocol earthquakes and volcanoes will cease.  (Why haven’t we tried getting an injunction from a federal judge?  I’m sure stopping climate change is an emanation and penumbra of the 14th Amendment.)

Worth taking in the comments on the Newsweek site, which are overwhelmingly negative:

This “journalism” is criminal level exaggeration; Glowbull warming causes earthquakes? Seriously?

Newsweek was overpriced when it was sold for $1. This article proves it.

People are paid to write this guff? McGuire is a fruitcake and should be locked up, yet he is quoted and supported by this ridiculous article. This is unbelievably bad, even for Newsweek.

Breaking News! Climate change is to blame for the Baltimore Riots, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, and Justin Bieber. Don’t worry though, the process can be reversed if you buy carbon credits.

hahahahha….I just KNEW that volcanoes and earthquakes were caused by “Climate Change”….that’s the funniest thing that I’ve seen all month Thank you for giving me my morning laugh…..I work in Geophysics, by the way….

Not so long ago the IPCC was telling us CO2 was causing the Himalayan glaciers to disappear. Now CO2 is causing plate tectonics. CO2 is the Swiss Army knife of global warming conspiracists.