The Democrats’ Problem With the Truth

Harry Reid has laid bare, for all to see, the Democrats’ attitude toward truth: for them, it is an inconvenience at best. Lying to win is not just their strategy, it is their creed. Of course, while lying can work for a while–“If you like your plan, you can keep it!”–the day comes when people start to catch on.

That day comes faster when, like Hillary Clinton, you are a bad liar. Hillary, as I have said before, is like an inept magician: you can see the rabbit ears sticking out of the hat. Her server problems may not have been fatal for a politician with a good reputation, but in Hillary’s case, they confirmed her image as a dishonest pol. Michael Ramirez sums up how most people see Hillary. Click to enlarge:


Most voters are, I suspect, ready for Hillary: ready to give her and the rest of her corrupt, lying party the boot.


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