The Week in Pictures: Deal or No Deal Edition

Listening to the Obama administration trying to spin their Iran “framework” faster than a uranium centrifuge makes me think we’d be better off with Woody Allen as secretary of state rather than John Kerry; at least when Allen tells us he’s looking for “a framework to turn a concept into an idea,” we know he’s pulling our leg.  The Obama team really seem to believe their own B.S.

Iran Nuke Deal copy

Obama Chamberlain copy

Obama Open the door copy

Iran Obama selfie copy Obama Iran copy

Iran Easter Bunny copy Eradicate Jews copy
Making progress copy

Putin Noogie copy

Nixon v Obama copy

Obama Desertion copy

Never forget.

Never forget.

Hillary Transparent copy Hillary Liar copy

Hillary Deletes copy

Textual Relations copy

Hillary Basket copy

Democrat Robes copy
Reid Koch Head copy

Exercising copy

Ramirez Reid copy

Tolerance copy Behead Gays copy


Bake the Cake copy

KKKake copy

Vote Conservative copy

CA Water copy

StarWars coffee copy

Pizza copy Fcebook Raiders copy

Rolling Stones copy

Killer Koalas copy

And finally. . .

Hot 277 copy