The Week in Pictures: Ready for Hillary Edition

So Hillary’s in tomorrow, with what we are told will be a “low key” launch on “social media.”  There’s never anything “low key” about the anti-social Mrs. Bill, but I suspect this low key launch may serve her well when her campaign runs into deep trouble and she withdraws over some sudden “health issue.”  (Either that or she’ll discover she’s “dead broke” again.)  She can say she was never really running that hard to begin with.  Yeah–that’ll happen when pigs fly, or when Bill’s fly. . . well, you know.  Meanwhile, welcome to the show, Rand.

Hillary Over copy

Running from Hillary copy

Hillery Nixon copy

Hillary Baggage copyBroke Hillary copy

Rand 1 copy Rand 2 copy

Rand Cut copy

Cruz 2 copy Cruz Derangement copy

Russin hack copy

Empty Brown copy

Brown Flush copy California Water copy

Obama Capt Obvious copy

Obama on Fox copy ISIS Chicken copy Kerry Daisies copy Climate ISIS copy Mandatory Voting copy

Obama WW 3 copy

Act on their Own copy Obama Chamberlain copy Hands Up Nukes copy Nuke Deal Smiles copy

Eat the Cake copy

Witches copy

Hetero-Christian copy

Climate Change cave copy Climate spring copy

Convert Meth Back copy

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

Senior Stone copy

Device Despair copy

Happiness is everywhere copy

Must have been in California.

Must have been in California.

David Lee Roth copy

Choosey Timelords Choose

Wonder Woman copy

And finally. . .

Hot 284 copy


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