TMZ, EDM, Swedish House Mafia and Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is running for president as the standard-bearer of a new generation. When it comes to culture, anyway, that claim is not without substance. Not only is Rubio a knowledgeable sports fan, he actually listens to rap, hip-hop and similar abominations. Normally I wouldn’t think this sort of thing would impress young voters, but this TMZ video might suggest otherwise.

TMZ, if you are not familiar with it, is one of the world’s largest celebrity gossip sites. Outlets like TMZ can reach millions of voters who not only don’t read Power Line, they don’t read any newspapers or news sites. So I think it is of interest that TMZ is willing to put Rubio in a positive light. They even ridicule the main liberal talking point against Marco: He once drank a glass of water!

PAUL ADDS: I understand that TMZ, or another such outlet, also likes the fact that Rubio married a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Qualifications for the presidency — they aren’t what they used to be.