We interrupt this death march

The Hillary Clinton for President campaign of 2016 launched with all the joy of a death march. With the rollout of Clinton Cash and its associated collaborative projects, Peter Schweizer has interrupted this death march for a reminder of the Clinton essence.

Essence of Clinton gives us first and foremost the voracious and insatiable appetites of William Jefferson Clinton. Neither taste nor shame can limit them.

Madam Hillary serves as his co-dependent enabler. It is not a pretty sight.

They give us naked prevarication as they they follow their old scandal playbook and test new frontiers in scandal management.

They give us massive corruption under cover of philanthropy.

They give us politics as a criminal enterprise.

They show us (once again) how to use a (now adult) child for political purposes. How low can you go?

They show us the power of sociopathology in democratic politics. How empowering to operate freely without a conscience.

They require treatment that would embarrass the Queen as they champion the common man. Jonah Goldberg puts it this way: “The Clintons are like the Tudors of the Ozarks.” Combined with Huckleberry Finn’s friends the duke and the dauphin.

They are gross and disgusting. We owe Peter Schweizer our thanks for interrupting the death march and giving rise to this timely reminder.


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