What Mr. Luger said

I’ve written here many times about the challenges raised by Minnesota’s large and ever growing Somali population, as in “Somalis say: Show us the money” and “The Somali muddle, once more once.” Today with the arrest of six Minnesota based Somalis for conspiring to join ISIS, we witness another manifestation of a deeply embedded problem about which approximately nothing remotely reasonable is being done.

The Star Tribune story on today’s arrests is here. It includes this interesting quote from United States Attorney Andy Luger, who announced the arrests at a press conference in Minneapolis today:

“These men met regularly to plan their secretive trips,” said Andy Luger, U.S. Attorney for Minnesota. “These are focused men, intent on joining a terrorist group by any means possible.

“This problem is not a Somali problem. It’s not an immigrant problem,” Luger added. “It’s a Minnesota problem.”

That’s supposed to be an indictment of Minnesota and Minnesotans, and it passes for received wisdom in these parts, but it is exceedingly stupid. It is nevertheless also true in a sense other than the one that Luger intended.


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