Zetetic with Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif speaks on behalf of a regime that is an avowed enemy of the United States, one whose Supreme Leader regularly chants “Death to the United States.” It is a regime with the blood of many Americans on its hands. Yet here he is on stage at New York University, in conversation with the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, and speaking with great confidence that he has matters in hand (video below).

Zarif explains to Ignatius how the sanctions against Iran will be undone promptly after the arrangement in process if finalized: “If we have an agreement on the 30th of July, within a few days after that we will have a resolution in the [United Nations] Security Council under article 41 of chapter VII. Which will be mandatory for all member states, whether Senator Cotton likes it or not,” said Zarif. “I couldn’t avoid that.” Those sanctions that are not undone by the United Nations will be undone by Barack Obama’s waiver.

This video captures another moment in the prolonged period of abject humiliation of the United States courtesy of President Obama. Where this one comes from we have more in store.

Via Alyssa Canobbio/Washington Free Beacon.

UPDATE: Omri Ceren captures Zarif’s spirit here.


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