28 Days Later

28 Days Later is one of the early zombie-apocalypse movies of the last decade (though as Danny Boyle thrillers go I prefer the flawed but still interesting Sunshine), but the title clearly fits the cater-to-the-zombie-vote strategy of Hillary Clinton, who went 28 days before taking a press question. You can see ABC’s two-minute report on it here (though why is George Snuffulupagus still anchoring any political coverage at all?).  She took six questions. Whoa!  Save up!

What’s obvious is that her answers were carefully canned, since the questions were utterly predictable. How long, I wonder, did the campaign hash over this suite of answers? And must the media look like a bunch of neglected, panting puppies grateful for a handful of Milk Bones from her ladyship?

But Hillary probably had to face the media after yesterday’s dismal performance in blowing off a question from Fox’s Ed Henry:

Anyway, start the new press question clock at Day 1 as the Hillary Zombie Horror Show marches on. Remember that the sequel to 28 Days Later was 28 Weeks Later. Ah, art imitating life again.


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