A conversation with Fred Barnes

In the latest of the Conversations with Bill Kristol, Bill sits down with his colleague Fred Barnes to review the highlights of his career covering politics in Washington, D.C. The conversation is posted and broken into chapters here.

Via @KristolConvos, Bill alerts us to the fact that Fred gives a nice shout-out to Power Line in chapter 4 (at 1:22:00). Coincidentally, we’re observing the thirteenth anniversary of our life online today. The conversation is terrific and the timing is perfect.

Recommended reading: Robert Novak, Prince of Darkness: 50 Years of Reporting in Washington and Theodore White, The Making of the President 1960.

Recommended sites: RealClearPolitics, Power Line, and the Drudge Report.

Quotable quote: “Power Line…you know, that’s one that some guys in Minneapolis put out…”