A word from Peter Schweizer

Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer emailed me last night to comment on “Frank Holmes’s Purple Haze.” I thought readers following the story might find his message of interest:

Love the “Purple Haze” reference. Fantastic! By the way, the Breitbart story on this includes a link to Frank Holmes’s SEC filing that confirms that the firm did indeed have $4 million in stock in Uranium One. Also note that Holmes is a listed “advisor” to the Clinton Foundation….


The Breitbart News story cited by Peter is here. Trigger warning: accessing it may trigger an automatic video you can turn off before you check out the story.

The Breitbart story quotes at length from the video clip of the six-minute CNBC interview with Holmes (below). I want to take advantage of the opportunity to draw attention to another of Holmes’s quotable quotes, this one in response to the wrap-up question posed by New York Times columnist/CNBC Squawk Box co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin: “In a sentence or two, unequivocally, anything you want to say? Because right now it’s all a big haze for us.”

Quotable quote: “There’s no haze. I have a global investment company and I invest in many companies in many different countries and I give to a lot of charitable organizations.”


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