Coming Soon: A Live YouTube Event for VIP Members

On Wednesday June 3, at 5 Pacific, 7 Central, 8 Eastern, all Power Line VIP members are invited to participate in a live YouTube event featuring the PL crew. We will email a private link to all VIP members, and you can follow the link to watch the live discussion on YouTube, as well as submit questions or comments to which we will respond–all live!

At least that’s what we think will happen; Joe assures us that all systems are go. So, if you are a VIP member, please save the date and participate in our first live VIP event. Assuming it works as planned, there will be more. If you are not yet a VIP member, you can join, for the shockingly low price of $4 per month, by going to the VIP box in the upper right hand corner of the site.

JOE adds: This event is going to be pretty crazily fun. (If it works.) Here’s a sneak peak of how it will look:


You know you’ve always wanted to see Steve pilot a drone in live 720p resolution. You can watch the special PL broadcast from anywhere in the world, on desktop, on a mobile phone, or even on your Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

Become a VIP today for an invitation to join in the live broadcast.

JOHN adds: That’s a really terrible picture of Scott!



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