Death of the Copy Editor

A sage friend once remarked that the decline of copy editing in book and newspaper publishing coincided with the decline in the number of priests defrocked by the Catholic Church.  Sounds reasonable to me.

And far be it from me to jump on just any old typo, since a number of them get through here at Power Line (chiefly because I seldom spot my own typos, which is apparently typical of most writers).

But seriously, are you telling me no one at Sports Illustrated noticed anything amiss in this sentence about the new outfield bleachers at Wrigley Field:

Portable and fixed concussions will be open to fans starting Monday as well, with an outdoor concession area scheduled to open in July.

Well, I suppose it makes sense if the outfield bleachers are intended only for the most rowdy fans. “I’ll take my concussion to go please!”

(Hat tip: WV.)


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