Diary of a Mad Voter

Our friend Roger Simon is a co-founder and CEO Emeritus of PJ Media. Roger is one of the most interesting people I know: among other things, he is a best-selling novelist and an Oscar-nominated Hollywood screenwriter. One of Roger’s fingers still doesn’t work right, as a result of an encounter with a Mississippi highway patrolman when he was a civil rights activist in 1966.

Roger was a liberal for a long time, but maybe he would quote Dwight Yoakum, as I do: I may be slow, but I ain’t blind. Relatively late in life, Roger became a conservative, mostly because he realized that evil people are trying to kill us. Roger and his lovely and equally accomplished wife Sheryl Longin live in the Hollywood Hills in a home once owned by–never mind, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

The point is, when Roger does something, it is worth paying attention to. What Roger has done, as of today, is to inaugurate a new web site under the PJ Media umbrella called Diary of a Mad Voter. The site is sleek and attractive, and is geared toward the 2016 election. Roger wrote his inaugural post introducing the site here. He recruited his friend Richard Dreyfuss, a smart liberal with good will, to write for Diary. Sheryl has recruited (or, we should say, invented) a couple of hypothetical young women who are first time voters to participate in the site.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.12.24 PM

So it would be a good idea to bookmark Diary of a Mad Voter and return to it often. Because it may well be, as Roger says, that the 2016 election is “THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!”


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