Green Weenie Update: The Battle in Seattle

John reported here the other day about the outrage among climatistas that the Obama Administration has approved Royal Dutch Shell’s plan to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean offshore in Alaska, and back in March I gave the city of Seattle one of our coveted Green Weenie Awards for its protests against having Shell’s offshore drilling platforms docked and serviced in Seattle’s harbor.

Earlier this week the Seattle Port Authority held a public hearing on the matter, and the nearly day-long hearing brought out all of the crazy in town, as reported skillfully by Dave Harbour yesterday over at the indispensible Master Resource Free Market Energy Blog:

Emotional pleas can win debates, but credibility is another thing.

The activist crowd represented several national and international environmentally extreme groups along with well intended but highly emotional local residents who focused on emotional techniques to generate support. Some stood rather than delivering their prepared remarks in the witness box. Some sang an anti-oil song. Some snapped their fingers after their friends testified.

Some held up anti-oil signs as they testified. Some brought children.

Some were foreign national environmentalists advocating more activism. A socialist advocated denying Shell lease space, taxing the company, and using the cash to create “green jobs” to replace all the carbon producing jobs that supposedly would be lost by refusing to allow the Seattle port to service Shell’s fleet. . .

I have observed natural resource hearings for four decades.  Never has such a pervasive, activist, elitist, anti-civilization mentality so pervaded our society as that on display at this hearing.

Worth reading the whole thing. Like I said in March, take their coffee away, and make Seattle grunge bands power up their electric guitar amps with the hot air of climate protesters.

P.S. I noticed one recent photo of anti-oil Seattle protesters out in the harbor in . . . petroleum-based plastic-hulled kayaks.