Happy Memorial Day To Me!

Memorial Day is a holiday set aside to honor those who have died in America’s wars. Every year, many millions of Americans celebrate the day appropriately. At the same time, Memorial Day is also commonly seen as the beginning of summer. For lots of Americans, the day has no higher meaning than to fire up the grill and put on some burgers or brats.

There isn’t much wrong with that, necessarily, but we should expect more from our commander in chief.

The White House’s photo feed has long been criticized as narcissistic. No matter the occasion, it is always all about Barack. But this is an extreme case. Today, the Democratic Party tweeted “Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!” What image accompanied the Democrats’ holiday greetings? Here it is:

Barack Obama eating ice cream before an audience of adoring paparazzi. Jake Tapper–a Democrat, I believe–gently suggested that his party was missing the point:

You might think that singling out one tweet is unfair, or that the Democrats surely must have gotten their act together after the inappropriateness of that Memorial Day tweet was pointed out to them. But you would be wrong. Here are the Democratic Party’s Memorial Day tweets that followed the one of Obama eating ice cream:

Democrats are hopeless. They just don’t get it, and they never will.


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