How To Inoculate Your Daughter Against Campus Feminism

As a public service announcement, any Power Line readers with daughters heading off to college next fall ought to have a look at NeW, the Network of Enlightened Women.  No—seriously—I know what you’re thinking: “Enlightened” is often a euphemism for leftism, but in this case NeW is a nice twit of NOW (National Organization for Women), which really ought to be thought of as THEN (Thoroughly Harridan Egalitarian Nonsense), and NeW run by some smart young ladies from our team.

Anyway, NeW has a summer program in late July for rising college freshwomen (freshwymyn? freshperson? oh hell, forget it), and the application deadline is fast approaching.  NeW’s Young Womens Leadership Retreat will possibly be one the last events ever held at Sweet Briar College. The program is free if your application is accepted, and the program doe stake a few sophomores, juniors, and seniors if your daughter has already started college. Check it out.

Just imagine if Hillary had enrolled in such a program before she went off to Wellesley.


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