Mosby’s favorites

Baltimore City state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby is prosecuting the six Baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray. She seems to bring a certain animus to the task. I questioned Mosby’s professional behavior in the post “Mosby so far,” commenting on Mosby’s press conference announcing the charges she had brought.

Evidence of Mosby’s animus may also be evident in two tweets written by third parties that she favorited on her personal Twitter account. The first of the two tweets asks: “Didn’t I say last week that Marilyn Mosby, prima facie, INFURIATES a certain kind of white person?” The second of the two tweets asserts that, in her press conference announcing the charges she had brought, Mosby “only revealed what was RELEVANT to charge those 6 THUG cops.”

Mosby now claims that her personal Twitter account was hacked. Although the states’s attorney’s office account appears to have been hacked last week, the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross suggests why doubt is in order with respect to the alleged hacking of Mosby’s personal Twitter account.

The video below captures Mosby speaking to supporters at the Multicultural Prayer Movement two days before she announced the charges she had brought against the Baltimore police officers. Ross wrote about the video here. Conservative Treehouse’s Sundance also wrote about the video in a series questioning Mosby’s fitness to prosecute the case against the officers.

Sundance now writes: “As soon as the Kelly File segment aired [featuring excerpts of the video and included in Sundance’s post], th[e] video was shut down and has now been made private.” Ross, however, had already “copied the Mosby segment” of the event. Sundance recounts these events here.

Quotable quote: “We will pursue justice by any and all means necessary.”

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