Return to Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos acted as an advocate for the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation when Peter Schweizer appeared to discuss his book Clinton Cash on This Week with the Democratic Operative. I noted Stephanopoulos’s absurd pose that Sunday in “For the Clinton defense.”

Subsequent reporting by the Washington Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles dug out Stephanopoulos’s undisclosed contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Asked for comment by Stiles when the story was ready to go, ABC News kept the Free Beacon hanging and leaked the story to Politico media reporter/blogger Dylan Byers, who ludicrously credited Stephanopoulos with disclosing the contributions. The episode showed Stephanopoulos at work doing damage control on his own behalf in the style of a campaign operative. He had plenty of experience doing it for Bill Clinton himself. I last wrote about this series of events in “Weasel words from a weasel.”

Former New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter has succeeded to Howard Kurtz’s seat as the host of CNN’s Reliable Sources media show. Stelter is a knowledgeable reporter and good at what he does.

This past Sunday Stelter invited Free Beacon editor Matt Continetti to review the Free Beacon’s role in breaking the Stephanopoulos/Clinton Foundation story. Stelter drew out the elements worthy of note and let Matt do the talking. This is an excellent interview (video below).

This outrage has come to rest in a state of repose conducive to Stephanopoulos continuing the charade at ABC News. ABC News has calculated the angles and has apparently decided to let it ride.

The mainstream media adjunct of the Democratic Party is not loosening its grip at ABC News or anywhere else among the mainstream media. It’s time for Stephanopoulos to go, if only to help them keep up the pretense that they are something other than what they are. ABC News, however, must not see it that way. I therefore appreciate the opportunity afforded by Stelter’s interview of Continetti to return to this illuminating story.


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