The Power Line Show, Episode 16: Clinton Cash, With Peter Schweizer

If you missed it over the weekend, this is a reprise of my post on the latest episode of the Power Line show, featuring an interview with Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash. You won’t want to miss it!

UnknownLast night we hooked up with our friend Peter Schweizer to talk about his sensational new book, Clinton Cash. I read the book prior to the interview; I would have said that nothing the Clintons could do would shock me, but I was shocked. The Clintons, as I said to Peter, are a criminal syndicate. You absolutely should buy and read the book. When you have read it, lend it to a friend. Then read a few of Peter’s earlier books, which are equally well researched and eye-opening, like Do As I Say (Not As I Do) and Throw Them All Out. But first, listen to this great interview. It is an excellent introduction to a set of scandals that you will hear a great deal about between now and election day.

We topped off the show with a conversation about the British election–its surprising result, and the implications of the Tory victory.

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