The Times Does American Business

Scott’s daughter Eliana, knowing our fondness for New York Times corrections, pointed out this gem from today’s paper. The correction is to an article by political reporter Trip Gabriel, who, as you can see from his Twitter feed, is a Democratic Party operative:

Correction: May 4, 2015

An earlier version of this article misspelled part of the name of the company of which Carly Fiorina was the former chief executive. It is Hewlett-Packard, not Hewlett-Packer.

Heh. It’s nice to know that the reporters the Times assigns to politics are knowledgeable about the business world. And, once again, I wonder whether the Times actually employs any editors. Not for the purpose of reading articles before they are published, apparently.

JOE adds: It is strange to think about how a New York Times reporter might actually think about business. Like: when Trip Gabriel imagines a CEO, COO, accountants, product managers, and engineers drawing out a plan to bring a new product to market, does he envision something like a human plantation, with men and women hooked up, jellied and Matrix-like, to a grid, spinning vigorously, to no particular end, but ejecting little ergs of money through iron circuits to the limestone regional processing cathedrals of the IRS? If their understanding of private enterprise is anything other than this, I cannot find any evidence for it.


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