The Week in Pictures: Deflations All Around Edition

New England Patriot footballs weren’t the only thing deflated this week. Liberalism in the UK deflated hard. Hillary’s presidential prospects continue to deflate. Big time Vegas boxing matches deflated hard. Home grown jihadis demonstrated their deflated intelligence by attempting to emulate the Charlie Hebdo massacre in . . . Texas. Let that sink in a moment. Do they not know about Texas in jihadi mosques?

Shoot in Texas copy

Texas Gunplay copy

Hillary Relations copy Clinton Bills copy Koch vs Clinton copy Clinton Carpet copy Clinton Bills 2 copy Bill Hill Trust copy 2016 Flavors copy Hillary Nose copy Sanders v Clinton copy Hillary Broomstick copy Hillary Crime copy Hillary Scandalnavia copy Hillary Loves Bills copy Hillary Fatigue copy

Obama Liar copy Obama Star Wars copy GOP Lines copy Supreme Cake copy

American Cake copy Economy MOved! copy Urban PLanners copy

Clinton Jenner Again copy

Brit Elections copy Simpsons UK copy Maggie Map copy Btritish Liberals Wacked copy

Disney Sweater copy Porn vs Stars copy Porn v stars 2 copy

Tractor Beam copy Shatner Evicted copy

Blue and Black Droids copy Darth Vader in Latin copy

MayweatherBieber copy

Michigan Earthquake copy Clergy Walk Into Bar copy Pilates of the Caribbean copy

Yeah, I could go for this.

Yeah, I could go for this.

Something went wrong in translation here.

Something went wrong in translation here.

Body Armor copy Prom Pic copy Mother's Day copy Cololidge copy Time Travel copy

Minnesota Apes copy Force Abides Dude copy

And finally:

Hot 293 copy



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