The Week in Pictures: Mother’s Day Edition

Mother’s Day isn’t officially being observed until next weekend, but Mother’s Day came a week ahead of time in Baltimore, where real fathers seem to be as scarce as city fathers. Plus we got the lowest-attended major league baseball game in history. Bruce Jenner is the new honorary chair of Women’s Republican Clubs, to the supreme annoyance of the Diversity Enforcers everywhere. And Hillary has a challenger: Go Bernie!

Mom 2 copy Call the moms copy

Mom 4 copy

Beat by Momma copy

Moms 3 copy

Williams at Orioles copy Cop Stereotypes copy Demorcratic Balitmore copy Media Riot copy

Jenner Democrat copy

Clinton on Jenner copy Jenner 2 copy Jener Hypocrisy copy

Hillary Accomplishments copy Hillary Cigar copy Meeting Hillary copy Hillary Shredder copy Hillary Server copy Hillary prep H copy Foreign Cotributions copy Hillary Handle copy Hillary's Map copy Hillary Eventest copy Hillary Cheshire copy More ilary Baggage copy

Crumbling Clinton Foundation copy Clinton Cash copy

Sanders copy

Sacred Marriage copy

Abortion and Gar NMarriage copy

Secret Science copy Damn Keynesians copy Nuked or Liberalism? copy

Govt Ticks copy

Nikon Focus copy

And fell asleep at the bar.

And fell asleep at the bar.

Trans Star Wars copy

And finally. . .

Hot 215 copy


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