The Week in Pictures: Tactical Setback Edition

ISIS rolls over Ramadi and Palmyra, and Obama calls it a “tactical setback.” Hillary’s missing emails are a “tactical setback.” Riots in Baltimore and Ferguson? A “tactical sectback.” If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare subsidies next month in King v. Burwell? A “tactical setback,” I’m sure. Iran getting a nuclear weapon? Well it won’t happen on Obama’s watch, so it will be a “tactical setback” for someone else.

Tactical setback copy

Obama Litany copy Obama ISIS Strategy copy Obama Creator copy Obama Cut and Run copy

Obama Can't Hit copy ISIS Mad Men copy Bush v Obama Lehacy copy

Stimulus soending copy

Warren Free Trade copy Warren Obama spat copy

Hillary smoke copy Hillary Dodging copy Hillary Lie copy Billary Pay No Attention copy

Hillary scary copy Biden Plan B copy Media Bills to Clintons copy

Steph lighting copy Clinton Steph infection copy Georgw Again copy Stephanop Strings copy

Liberals Macbook copy

Slve Fossil Fuel Crisis copy

Fighter on Roof copy

Look closely at the roof. It’s started.

Seattle irony copy Get Well Card copy No Tilting copy Patriots Flat copy Speak Irish copy John Wayne on Annakin copy Man Hat copy

And finally. . .

Hot 217 copy


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