Bobbleheads vs. Bubbleheads, or Why You Should Be a VIP Subscriber

The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead supposedly once said (I say “supposedly” because this quote is too good to check out) that “There are two kinds of people in the world: the simpleminded, and the muddleheaded.” Always better to be simpleminded than muddleheaded I say.

Also better to be a Power Line VIP subscriber. Only $4 a month gets you ad-free access to the site (better than Ad Blocker, which sometimes chokes off links in our posts), and increasingly we’ll offer some premium content. (And if we get our act together for a two- or three-day Power line conference/party event next spring, VIP members will get a large discount on registration.)

Well okay, you might not regard what we’re cooking up as all that “premium,” but here’s a one-minute teaser about our next VIP morning briefing, which will explain, al la Whitehead, the distinction between being a bobblehead and a bubblehead.


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