David & him

I’m reporting in from New Hampshire, where we are out of the news loop, praying for rain to hold off, and looking forward to our youngest daughter’s graduation from college tomorrow morning. This story from north of the border caught my eye earlier this week. I thought some readers might find it of interest or entertainment value.

The beloved Canadian coffee and donuts chain Tim Hortons hopped to the tune of Canada’s greens when it cancelled ads purchased by Enbridge touting Canada’s oil and gas industry on in-store television ads. Google turns up an array of articles about the ensuing controversy here.

The cancellation gave rise to a backlash. Ezra Levant takes a Roger & Me turn to drop off a petition protesting the cancellation with a Tim Hortons executive at corporate headquarters in Oakville. Levant reports:

At first, the executives refused to come down. They pretended they weren’t there.

Then they pretended they weren’t available.

Fine — I just sat and waited. And waited.

And when they realized I wasn’t going anywhere, the president of Tim Hortons Canada himself, David Clanachan, finally came down.

I don’t want to spoil the plot of Levant’s entertaining video (below). I will only add my guess that a senior executive at a comparable American company would much more stubbornly avoid Ezra, would be more inclined to delegate the task of speaking to corporate communications, and would demonstrate greater adeptness at dispensing the baloney if cornered.


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