Highlights from First VIP Livecast

We started Power Line VIP membership service a few months ago primarily as an option for people who requested some way of accessing the site without ads, over which we do not exercise complete control. (Though I must say I do enjoy it when a left-wing ad pops up on our site. I always make a point of clicking on it, since it costs the advertiser some money, even if just a fraction of a cent.)

Eventually we want to build out some premium content for VIP subscribers so that it’s worth your subscription even above getting ad-free content. Last Wednesday we had our first-ever live VIP webcast with John, Scott, and myself talking amongst ourselves (which we seldom get to do except for the bi-weekly podcasts, believe it or not), and answering questions from the nearly 100 VIP members who tuned in live and submitted some great questions and comments. Below is an eight-minute highlight reel from the webcast, introduced by moi, and ending with a rant from me about how the next president, if he (or she, or it) is a Republican, can roll back the Title IX outrage in about five minutes. (We’re going to work on sound and picture quality for future livecasts.)

Soon, by the way, I’ll be starting a regular “VIP Monday Morning Briefing,” a short taped videocast for VIP members, though it won’t always happen on Mondays (depending on my travel schedule).  I still haven’t worked out the exact format (short, be assured) or content, so stay tuned for details. But it’s a good reason to subscribe to your VIP service.


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