Jen, Jenny, Jenner

So the best line I’ve heard so far is that Bill Clinton has a call in to photographer Annie Leibovitz to see if she can do a photo shoot of Hillary. . .  Second best: Finally, a prominent Republican makes the cover of Vanity Fair. . .

One heterodox theory that I’ve always liked is that popular culture is actually a lagging indicator of changing times and mores, but it turns out that Family Guy had a premonition of Bruce Caitlyn Jenner’s metamorphosis (and how meta-meta is this morphosis anyway?) six years ago (just 18 seconds long):

And Married With Children seemed to have it nailed even earlier (55 seconds):

But the last word in prescience, as usual, belongs to Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1:50 long):

Needless to say, all three of these clips would be considered “hate speech” if you show them in a college classroom.

(Hat tip: Steven Crowder.)


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