Looks Like We Called Greece Right

Two weeks ago we posted our first ever “Monday Morning Briefing” for Power Line VIP subscribers, which we hastened to add later may not appear always on Monday, and may be closer to “bi-weekly,” since bi-weekly is ambiguous: is that twice a week or every other week?  Just like everything else bi, isn’t it? (And I promised my mom long ago that I’d never be bi-anything. . .)

Anyway, our first ever briefing was a prediction that the Greek crisis was coming soon to a head, and would send the stock market tumbling. Okay, not a hard prediction to make, but the wrinkle I discuss about the IMF remains to be played out I think.

I’ve decided to post the briefing here on the main site, so you can see what you’re missing by not being a Power Line VIP subscriber! Though I hasten to add that the format, style, and content of these briefings are a work in progress. Still—another good reason to become A VIP subscriber