New dimensions to the Hillary email server story?

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reports that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has obtained information that could deepen the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal. The information is contained in notes of a meeting between two State Department whistleblowers and members of the Oversight Committee’s staff.

During the meeting, the whistleblowers said that a State Department inspector told them he discovered Hillary’s private email server while investigating the work that Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aide, was performing for Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm. According to the notes, the inspector said the investigation into Abedin was shut down by Harold Geisel, the former acting inspector general for the State Department, whose tenure was marked by accusations of political favoritism.

The whistleblowers say the inspector, who still works for the State Department, has become a whistleblower himself. According to notes of the meeting, he is willing to share his information if subpoenaed by Congress. We’ll see.

What are the dimensions that this information potentially adds to email servergate? First, there’s the Huma Abedin angle. Abedin apparently was granted special permission to work at Teneo even as she worked as an aide to Clinton, and she may not have reported the Teneo income. The investigation the whistleblower worked on is said to involve allegations of criminal conduct.

This story has been reported before. But the whistleblower reportedly ties it to the Clinton email server, alleging that clintonmail was used to conceal Abedin’s allegedly unlawful activity. That’s a big deal, or should be.

Second, if the acting State Department inspector general, who is said to be a political creature, shut down the investigation into Abedin, that’s a potential scandal within a scandal.

Third, according to the Daily Caller, the whistleblower reportedly claims he has evidence showing that Clinton was “criminally culpable” to some degree. We’ll see about that.

The inspector also reportedly said, after initial reports surfaced about Clinton’s private server, that “only half of the hard truth was out.” We’ll see about that, as well.

Will new information “blow the lid off of the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal,” as the Daily Caller suggests it might? I don’t know.

It’s becoming clear, though, that the Clinton scandals are overlapping, not discrete. They form a web of intrigue and wrongdoing characterized by disregard for rules usually in the service of making a buck. And they involve a stream of friends and enablers who always end up looking shady to one degree or another.

This suggests that there exists an almost endless supply of scandal that will dog Hillary Clinton for as long as she remains in the public eye. Voters thus have an added incentive to restrict the duration of that period.


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