Obama’s uncertain kazoo, cont’d

Yesterday I noted President Obama’s concession that he lacks a “complete strategy” for defeating ISIS. Thus spake Obama at a press conference related to the G7 meeting in Kruen, Germany. That’s a patently pathetic “partial strategy” he has put on display in Syria and Iraq. It can’t be the fault of the great Obama. Obama implied that the Pentagon has left him without a “complete strategy” at this point: “When a finalized plan is presented to me by the Pentagon, then I will share it with the American people.”

FOX News has rounded up comments from several sources here. For the record, I would like to note the pungent response that FOX elicited from “a military official”:

A military official also took issue with Obama’s claim that he was waiting for options from the Pentagon. “What the f— was that? We have given him lots of options, he just hasn’t acted on them,” the official told Fox News.

Among the several responses that FOX elicited, this one has the ring of truth based on first-hand knowledge.