Our false messiah

President Obama recently denied that he ever promised, if elected, to heal our partisan divides. Referring to our so-called political gridlock, thus spake Obama at a fundraising event at the home of Tyler Perry: “When I ran in 2008, I in fact did not say I would fix it. I said we could fix it. I didn’t say, ‘Yes, I can.’ I said, ‘Yes, we can.’” As David Rutz demonstrates in the handy video compilation below, however, Obama’s denial was — how to put it? — contrary to fact.

Why would Obama make such a demonstrably false representation? It seems to be a matter of habit, but it is more than that. As always, he seeks to exploit the ignorance and will to believe of his supporters. The man has done much “fundamentally transformating” the United States, as he promised a few days before his election in 2008. Even so, however, Obama’s coming was not the moment “when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal” or we began to bridge our deep political differences. Whatever his accomplishments by his own lights, he has proved a pathetically false messiah.

Via David Rutz/Washington Free Beacon.


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