The Best #TBT Ever

Those of you who inhabit Facebook may be acquainted with the practice of “Throwback Thursday,” where typically you post old photos of yourself or something. Well, I have the ultimate Throwback Thursday item for today.

I spent most of today going through a treasure trove of Harry Jaffa papers. Found this: a 1952 mash note to Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Jaffa had quoted as the frontispiece to his great first book Thomism and Aristotelianism a remark from Churchill in his chapter about the Munich crisis from The Gathering Storm: “It is baffling to reflect that what men call honor does not correspond always to Christian ethics.” This is what Jaffa is referring to in the note below.  Churchill’s official biographer Martin Gilbert found this in the Churchill papers and sent it to Jaffa. The circled “WSC” mark shows it was received by the Prime Minister’s office.

Jaffa to WSC copy


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