The Cost of Liberalism

From today’s New York Times:

West Baltimore’s Police Presence Drops, and Murders Soar

By Richard A. Oppel, Jr.

BALTIMORE — From the steps of her New Bethlehem Baptist Church, the Rev. Lisa Weah looked down the block to the open-air drug market outside the bodega on the corner a few hundred feet away.

The traffic there had been slowing until the chaos that followed the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, after he was injured in police custody. Now it is back full-bore, and the police are often nowhere to be seen.

A month and a half after six officers were charged in Mr. Gray’s death, policing has dwindled in some of Baltimore’s most dangerous neighborhoods, and murders have risen to levels not seen in four decades. The totals include a 29-year-old man fatally shot on this drug corner last month. Police union officials say that officers are still coming to work, but that some feel a newfound reluctance and are stepping back, questioning whether they will be prosecuted for actions they take on the job.

And just what did people think would happen after unleashing the Sharpton circus? And why is it that the people most hurt by activist liberalism are the very people the left says they care about? Because. . . oh never mind, you know the answer to that question.

Special Saturday bonus story from the Times:

New Message on Frisking from DeBlasio’s City Hall Amidst Criticism

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York swept into office on a pledge to rein in police excesses of the Bloomberg administration, vowing to reverse the zealous use of stop-and-frisk tactics. After less than a year, he declared that part of his work complete.

“The people believed the broken policy of stop-and-frisk had to end,” he said in December, “and it has ended.”

But amid a rise in shootings and homicides this year . . .

It’s like liberals only think “cause and effect” work in climate science. But this is so obvious you’d think even Fox Butterfield could figure it out.


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