The Week in Pictures: Confederacy of Dunces Edition

So let’s see where we are in the space of a week: the old Confederate battle flag is coming down, to be replaced, it would seem, by the gay pride rainbow flag. The “reactionary” Supreme Court lived up to its billing, by going all-in for reactionary liberalism. It’s enough to make Ignatius Reilly emigrate to Rhodesia or somewhere. Meanwhile, we’re overlooking who may be the happiest folks today—divorce lawyers.

We agree: All Confederate emblems Must. Come. Down.

We agree: All Confederate emblems Must. Come. Down.

The only leftist-approved bikini.

The only leftist-approved bikini.

Confed Cake copy

Roberts Spicoli copy

Separated at birth? Might explain things. . .

Grin & Bear It copy Roberts Court copy TheCourt copy sinking Court copy

Hostages copy

Caitlyn Hamilton copy

Times Rubio copy Cruz Gun copy

Hillary Jeb Leftovers copy Williams MSNBC' copy Trump Hair copy

Logos copy

Wasserman Binks copy

Pope Denier copy

Global Heresy copy

Temp too High copy

Free Speech copyGuns copyGuns Drugs copy

Target copy

Ban Everything copyVegetarians copyIn Seince copyiPeed copyIkea Cross copy

And finally . . . I don’t think anyone’s gettin’ their Confederate flag:

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